Our PCP Parties are hosted at clubs across DFW and are scheduled without a set frequency.  We schedule our parties around our private events work and target opportune dates to host a party.  Most of our recent parties have been hosted at Sandaga 813 in Dallas, TX as both the space and management are excellent to work with. 

We have thrown events at: Sandaga 813, Focht Lounge, Tribeca Nightclub, Esoterica Studios, TIE Bar, Trinity Park, Ku-De-Ta Dallas, private lofts, party barges, and even a Film studio. We are looking to establish relationships with multiple facilities in and around the the DFW  region to give us options for our events. Many of our events target specific dates—birthdays, reunions, holiday/seasonal events, or booking a unique traveling artist—so we like to have access to venues that fit different events opportunities.

Our goal is to throw a great event, have a good time, meet new friends, and make sure all of our guests have a memorable and unique experience. 

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