Most wedding and mobile event DJ's are equipped to perform in smaller venues and a limited numbers of guests.  If you are considering a larger gathering you may find many of the quotes you have received are not adequate for your event.   If you are planning a festival type gathering for your HOA, a prom, an outdoors event featuring large numbers of guests, or simply going for a bit of "wow" for guests in a traditional mobile DJ event, you need to know the questions to ask in screening out your perspective DJ's.

Subwoofers: Subs provide depth to sound, intensity to beats, and generally move lots of air as they address lower frequencies. If you are expecting "bass" even in a smaller event, you need to make sure you DJ is including a subwoofer or two.  A pair of even quality powered speakers will be underwhelming in a big cavernous school gym or cafeteria.  Similarly, in open air settings the speakers don't have the benefit of sound reflecting off walls to augment the overall volume and intensity.  Larger events typically feature subwoofers in multiples, as the drivers "help" each other if they are in close proximity to each other and tuned uniformly. 

PCP can supply up to 4 cabinets featuring dual 18" drivers, for a total of 8 drivers.  Alternately, we have 2 powered single 18" subwoofers available for smaller events.  

Mains:  The highs and mids heard in music come from the smaller speaker cabinets used by DJ's.  These come from many different vendors and can be either powered or non-powered in style.  Materials of construction also differ significantly for speakers ranging from molded plastic to fiberglass composites to wooden cabinets.   The PCP mains are large 3 way cabinets with a different driver covering low, mid, and high frequency ranges. These cabinets are made from heavy birch plywood adding more tone to sound, while preventing energy loss from cabinet flexing common with plastic cabinets.  These speakers are powered with built in processing to optimize output.  These speakers are well above most DJ speakers in both output and sound quality. 

Live Music/Stages:  We specialize in DJ services and recorded music.  PCP is not currently equipped to support full sound support for bands and stage acts.

If our equipment is not suitable for your particular event, we have relationships with some of DFW's sound rental companies and can work with you to identify appropriate options for your event. 

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