You have placed so much planning and coordination into your big day and want everything to go as smoothly.  What about the music? What about the sound? Have you ever been to a wedding where one of those things were off?  Microphone feedback, crackling speakers, or generally inadequate sound can truly dampen the evening.  In booking with us you are not getting a guy with his first set of speakers.  We have years experience setting up sound and supporting gear at a wide range of events.  In our setups we ensure our table is cleanly covered, our cables are taped safely and neatly with black gaffing tape, and all speakers and lights are positioned with proper and professional stands and supports. 

Our clients can have as little or as much involvement picking the music for their big day as they want! If you are feeling overwhelmed and want to leave the soundtrack completely up to us, we are happy to do so.  However, if you are particular about you want on your big day we are here to help accomodate your requests and won't limit you to a handful of deviations from a canned list we bring to every event.  It is your big night and we will try to fill it with sounds you love.  We cover all the major announcements and introductions you wish in our MC services, without trying to hijack your big day with our microphone. We work for you and want to do our best to cater to your needs. 

Weddings are one of the most involved private bookings a DJ can provide services for.  For your wedding you want to have a professional with the skills and experience to ensure your event goes off as planned and your guests have a wonderful time.  A wedding DJ provides much more than just great music. They have to know how to address complex sound requirements, follow the flow of your ceremony, reception, and overall timeline, and both read a crowd and accommodate a wide range of musical tastes. 

Weddings often require the ability to supply sound in multiple areas for different periods of your big event. Your provider has to have the gear and knowledge of how to effectively address your event's unique needs.   It takes much more than a set of speakers and a guy with a laptop to manage your event professionally.  Does the DJ have a quality UHF wireless microphone? Do they have quality speakers?  Do they include a subwoofer for bass?  Do they offer lighting?   Do they bring backup equipment or extra supplies to support unknowns that occur at events?  Can they provide proof of insurance as required by most full-time event venues? 

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and build the soundscape for your big special day. Please call or email to discuss your big day!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you include lights? Yes, any of our DJ packages can include floor lighting effects at no charge.  We list these as optional in our quotes because many clients prefer a simpler look at their events.  We can also provide  full up lighting service for additional fee.

Can you provide MC services? Yes, we can include whatever level of announcements and engagement you wish at your event. MC services should be expected of any professional wedding DJ.

How many weddings have you done? This is a great question to ask perspective providers. Brian has performed 100+ weddings and corporate events over the past 7 years, but today tries to limit his calendar to 10-15 weddings each year to allow more personal service. 

Do you offer payment plans? We are extremely easy to work with and require a modest 20% booking deposit to secure your event date.  The balance must be paid before your event date.  We can provide progress invoices, or you can pay this balance the week of your event. Alternate payment arrangements are available for corporate clients to streamline their processes. 

What happens if the DJ is sick or can't perform?   Brian has never had a case where he was unable to perform at an event, but in the event something catastrophic happens we would either provide a helper for him or seek a qualified alternate performer. We are actively involved in the area's music community and are friends with many other mobile DJ's.

Is this your full time business? Are weddings your focus? What other major clients, clubs, lounges, or venues have you performed at?  No, this is not our full time business, but it is a serious+ family business for us. Brian has a professional day job, but fulfills his love for music in this small business.  His professional background make him a great fit working with corporate clients. Past clients for corporate parties include Dannon, JetPay, Hardware Resources Group, NY & Company, Steve Madden, and many others.  Being a club DJ is very different from most mobile DJ settings but it does show a performer is versatile and experienced with a range of crowds.  Brian has performed at many area clubs including The Nines Dallas, Hyena's Nightclub, Sandaga 813, Foch Lounge, the Green Elephant, the Boiler Room, Callisto's Lounge, TIE Bar, Tribeca Nightclub, Red Light Lounge, and Esoterica Studios

Can we request a do not play list? YES! We encourage our clients to have as much input as they want on the play list for their event.  Even if a client leaves most of the play list up to us we like to know your favorite and least favorite artists and songs. We would like to play things that are important and meaningful to the client, and we would

Do you take requests? Yes, we can accomodate audience requests if our end client wants us to.  Similarly, it is completely acceptable for a client to ask us to play only music they approved on a list. It is YOUR big day so you can decide what you don't want to hear! If we are accomodating requests, we try to tastefully work requests into the flow of the dance floor and respect client's do not play lists and similar songs...

Can I hear some examples of your sets? Sure, Brian has a range of recordings from several parties where you can listen to mixing/blending and overall tasteful track execution.  Tracks requested in these are mostly by client taste or direction on genres

What sound equipment do you utilize? Do you have backups for your gear? This is a key question to confirm a DJ has professional gear and experience to support the unexpected. Brian is a digital DJ and comes to each event with a professional stand alone mixer, laptop, backup laptop, quality UHF wireless microphone, wired backup microphone, dj controller, and box of spare accessory items. Most of our speakers are self-powered which means that if one of them fails, the rest of them will continue to work fine.  We have enough sound equipment to completely support multiple rooms in a mid-sized night club so can bring the right amount of sound to virtually any event without having to rent anything.  This also means we bring enough sound to your event to play without over driving the equipment.  Inadequate sound and DJs that push past the limits of the gear result in muffled or distorted sounds. Our gear only needs to run at moderate levels and will provide crips, clean, full sound to audiences.  Gear is either new or maintained in like-new condition to match the aesthetics of your big event. 

Can we come see you at an event? The majority of our bookings are very private events such as weddings, company parties, and birthdays where it isn't appropriate for us to request to bring additional guests. Occasionally we are booked at public events like retail store or park events but can't guarantee we will have anything like that on our calendar.  SImilarly, our club events are very, very different from anything you would likely want at your private party so wouldn't show you much that is useful.  Above you can find recordings of past party sets which show Brian's mixing abilities and he is happy to meet with you to see if your event vision is a fit for his services. 

The right musical programming makes for a lively reception!


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